Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Robert the GOAT

As I was walking home yesterday, I found myself sharing the sidewalk with a young man in a UPS jacket. As I passed by, I said hello. As we continued to walk we started to chat. He was on his way home from work. He got to talking about his work in a UPS warehouse where packages are unloaded, sorted and put on the proper conveyor belts, and loaded up again.

The more we talked, the more excited he got, telling me all the complexities of getting packages from point A to point B on time with no mistakes. I found out that the holiday season actually starts well before Thanksgiving. (Who gets their shopping and shipping done that early?!) Although he has moved up the ladder from doing the package handling himself to supervising people who do, he has to jump in and help sometimes, and is proud that he still has his package handling mojo. He told me how many packages he oversees in a day.

I had so much fun talking with Robert. He was so clearly engaged in and proud of his job. He told me at work they call him the goat. Goat? I thought I misunderstood. Goat, he said. An acronym G-O-A-T. I tried to guess. He let me fumble around for a minute, building suspense, then puffed out his chest and said with glee, Greatest Of All Time.

We finally had to part ways, but I was so charmed by Robert that I called UPS and tried to find someone who would know who Robert is. I eventually was put in touch with a supervisor. I told her that UPS is very lucky to have employees like Robert out there representing their company. I suggested that UPS should be using Robert in their commercials. My chat with Robert was the best advertisement for any company I have ever seen.

I have been thinking about Robert a lot today. Do I do whatever task I have to do, at work or elsewhere, with that much pride and enthusiasm? Would anyone call me the GOAT? Well maybe a goat, but the GOAT?


  1. How marvelous for you to be so open to the joys and wonder of something and someone most people would completely overlook!
    so... how many packages DOES he handle in a day?

    - thank you again for your lovely comment the other day, I was just able to respond yesterday -- it's a joy to meet you! :)

  2. Ha! I knew someone would ask me about the number of packages. Now I have to confess I can't remember, but I do remember that I was astonished by the number! Many more thousands than I would have guessed.

  3. A fabulous post! That is what this country needs - an old fashioned work ethic. It used to be common in the USA, but now it seems unusual. Could there be a relationship between our economic woes and our national work ethic?

  4. we all need more GOATS every where, thanks and it was especially nice of you taking time to call in on your own, people are more apt to complain. also I hate companies pushing those call in #'s or mail comment cards, if people have a thought good or bad and they care enough they'll let companies know!

  5. It's not common to see or hear people talk so positive about their jobs. That's refreshing. I wonder if our UPS guy has the same sentiments.

  6. You do what I do- call the supervisor! When ever I get a good customer rep- I ask for the supervisor. Even the supervisors have written me later to take me for pointing out a good worker.
    Lurker here- you have a nice place to visit!

  7. Janette, I welcome lurkers! Thanks for your comment. Since I do complain sometimes when I don't get good service, I try to make sure I voice more compliments than complaints. So when someone does something nice or extra in person or on the phone, I try to find a supervisor to pass along a compliment.


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