Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life is Good

I went to the vet today to pick up dog food for Sadie. Behind the desk was a makeshift enclosure with four kittens napping in a pile in the corner, three tan and one gray. Two weeks ago, one of the doctors arrived to open the clinic and found a cardboard box taped shut, sitting by the door. No noise was coming from the box. She opened the box with some trepidation...and up popped four little faces. The kittens were nursed back to good health and were now looking for homes.

While I was checking out, they woke up and began to play, leaping and stalking and pouncing. Even though my business was concluded, I stayed and watched. I couldn’t quit smiling and laughing. Pretty soon, the staff gathered around. And even a customer who was there because his dog had cancer was laughing, too. One of the vets came out to watch. I remarked that she saw cute little animals all the time and asked if she ever was immune to such adorableness. She just shook her head and laughed.

Two weeks ago, these kittens were abandoned, covered with fleas, malnourished, one near death. And here they were, soft and sleek, with bright eyes and tails high, full of joy and promise. I looked around at the people watching them, faces beaming with delight, all the chores put on hold, cares momentarily forgotten, hearts open and spirits soaring.

What magic is this? What power these little furry beings have to stop us all in our tracks and join us together in appreciation of life’s wonder.

My nephew’s favorite saying is “Life is good.” It is good indeed.


  1. Galen: It is a good sign that you noticed them. Many would not. It appears you are staying in your happy place.

  2. Big Smile with the visions of three little furry kittens with their adorable eyes pouncing and playing. This story reminds me of "me"...how that I had parasites < sin and death > eating at me and I was destitute w/out Christ and as I came to him he took me in as I was and loved me, cleansed me with the Blood of His Son and now healthy in Christ full of life and joy am I. It seems the closer I draw to the LORD the more I see HIM in everything and a story to unfold or a truth! Thanks for the smile this morning. God Bless

  3. It is amazing the power little animals have to heal broken hearts and to teach about love. Thank you for an encouraging post :)

  4. Yes, life is good!; particularly so when I am aware of the beauty all around me. However, I frequently need to be reminded of this and to help me slow down, several years ago my young daughter, Lana, used colorful markers to write on a 3x5 card that I attached to my computer: "Be Aware of the Beauty All Around Me."

    In a similar vein, my own cats remind me "What's the hurry?"

    Galen, thanks for the touching story.


  5. What a sweet post; I really felt uplifted by this story. Little baby kittens are so adorable. We used to have a cattery and we had a cat named Willie for 18 years.
    Blessings to you!

  6. JJ--I am in my happy place. Romping kittens help me stay there!

    joybug--The kittens' journey from near death to health is a good metaphor, as you point out. Thanks for sharing your faith and your comment.

    Patti--Thanks for your comment and for following.

    Danny--Lena could make cards for all of us!! Between her and your cats, you have lots of reminders to slow down and enjoy life! Thanks for commenting.

    Patricia--Thanks for affirming that life is good.

    LeAnn--What's a cattery? Kittens are pretty irresistable. Thanks for your comment.

    Toyin--Thanks for your affirming comment.

  7. Hi Galen,
    We have a pet store in our local mall where I eat lunch. Part of my luncheon ritual is to check in at the pet store and see what's happening - new arrivals, happy departures and of course kids have the time of their life.

  8. Ah, the little pleasures in life. If we really pay attention to them then it's hard not to see that life is good. Great story - animals always seem to raise my spirits.

  9. It great to see those little kitten are not being tended to. NOt many animals get the chance to be helped like they were. I think we all can appreciate the a little luck and the wonder of these animals.

  10. I hope they all find good homes! Breaks my heart when I hear of people doing such irresponsible acts against animals.

    My neighbor is helping the "no kill" shelter by taking in a couple kittens...adding to her already brood of 3 full grown cats and 2 kittens from a stray she already adopted. She has 12 felines running around in her house right now. She's been dubbed "crazy cat lady". I bought some cat and kitten food for her to help supplement. It can't be cheap feeding all those little mouths.

  11. Riley--I like to visit the pet store, too. No puppies or kittens there, but they have fish and birds and small mammals. Thanks for your comment.

    Steven--Baby animals of any species are hard to resist! Thanks for commenting.

    King Author (great name)--I'm so glad you recognized the generosity of my vet's office. They nursed these kittens back to health, having to feed one of them by hand every two hours. Shots, flea treatment, etc., all on their tab. Thanks for your comment.

    ryoko--What a generous neighbor. And how nice of you to help out. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Thanks for following...love your ways to find happiness...I actually have a post about creating an attitude of gratitude...following back...lovely template...I love flowers of course

  13. Hi Galen,

    You are truly gifted at sharing wonderful stories! :)

    Life is indeed full of wonder which is embodied in all living things. And often, it is the little things we take for granted that bring warmth and joy to our hearts, like kittens playing and having fun. What a difference two weeks made in their lives.

    If only we took the time to stop and observe our surroundings more often instead of rushing about our hectic lives. I often enjoy watching little birds hopping around or stray cats having fun. Life is good indeed if only we took more time to notice.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

  14. Good morning Galen....thanks for stopping by with your kind comment. Also....aren't God's creatures the best for bringing us PURE joy. I read somewhere "that every dog or cat should have a home and every home should have a dog or cat."....that is a great quote.

    Have a wonderful day,


    BTW....I just noticed you lead a discussion group around Portland...oh how I wish I lived near you....I would definitely be an attendee.

  15. Garden--Would like to read your post on gratitude. Would you send me the link? Thanks for commenting.

    Irving--I went through so much of my life oblivious to the fun and beautiful things right in front of me. I was always "on task." I like to watch birds, too. And squirrels. Thanks for commenting.

    Jo--Nice quote! I have always had a dog. My current dog Sadie is almost 13. She's a "velcro" dog--always wants to be right next to me! I wish you could come to the discussion group, too! Thanks for your interest in it. And thanks for your comment.

  16. Really beautiful! It's the simple moments of life that bring us so much joy. I truly loved this story and am happy for those little kittens.

  17. Sandra--I'm happy for them, too. I hope they have all found new homes by now. Thanks for your comment.


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