Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Embracing Transformation

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. ~Richard Bach

Years ago, I was a mess. Chronic fretting and stress were affecting my health. My determination to control my world was wearing me out, and of course it was a complete failure. I yelled at the kids...a lot. I didn’t sleep well. Relaxing and having fun were out of the question.

After ending up in the emergency room twice with excruciating pain that had no medically detectable origin, I knew that this was my wake up call from life. As Step One of the Twelve Steps says, my life had become unmanageable, and I had to change or die. So I set about to transform my life.

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  1. A cliffhanger and a treat.

    Your story and two of my most favorite writers in one space.

    Heading over to Sandra's blog.

  2. Inspiring ... and I find your two-step process particularly enlightening. I myself have gone through a different crucible, but have come out with an outlook not too unlike yours. May we all find peace and happiness. What more can we ask?

    1. Tom, You are right--peace and happiness are our most valuable treasures. You raise an interesting point that transformation is experienced so differently by different folks. You describe yours as a different crucible. But we all seem to end up in the same place, don't we? Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. Galen, what a timely piece for me and my husband.We are embracing transformation big time as we take the plunge --we have decided to ditch the hot suburbs of Phoenix and move to our favorite mountain town 2 hours up North,nicer climate, we already have friends up there.. it is a bit remote, VERY quiet, and a complete transformation from the chaotic life of work hard play hard that we have been living for 30 years. It has taken huge courage and we are in the midst of MANY MANY details involved with this. But as we make one change, we open up to others..funny how once you start doing exciting interesting things you can't stop!! We are now considering buying a tiny RV (a Casita) so we can manifest our dreams of seeing the Pacific Northwest, visit the Baja, other Arizona town,s and camp right by the rivers, beaches, and trees..I am re reading your book "10 Ways..." ..the hardest one for me is "surrender"--giving up the idea that I "control" anything at all.. That takes a lot of Faith, which I have, but somehow, as a (retired) Nurse,I seem to think the ball is always in MY court and I have to solve all the problems of the world.. I am practicing Faith and Surrender more and more..Anyway-- long winded way of saying thank you for sharing.. I will comment more often..

    1. Madeline, Thank you so much for your comment! Maybe you don't comment often, but when you do, you have a lot to say!

      Congratulations on your big move. It sounds like the timing is right. And when the timing is right, it happens just like you describe--things start to fall into place, sometimes very rapidly. Good luck with your move and your new home.

      I can relate to what you say about surrender. Step 3 has certainly been an ongoing practice for me. Sometimes daily, maybe even hourly!

      About the RV, are you familiar with Bob Lowry's blog, Satisfying Retirement? He and his wife have started RVing. He's be a great person to talk to about that. If you make it up to Portland, I'd love to meet you in person.

      Thanks again for your comment, and please stay in touch.

  4. very inspiring. whoever wants to transform their life. Definitely these steps will help.


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