Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breathing or Being Breathed?

Do we breathe or are we being breathed? (I’m not sure who first asked this, but I ran across the question recently and it caught my attention.)

What images or feelings do you have about breathing? About being breathed? Think about this for a few minutes. What is the difference? How do the different concepts affect our view of our world and our interaction with it?

If we breathe, then we do that as individuals, taking oxygen from the air and using it for our own benefit.

If we are being breathed, then we are all linked by the energy that is breathing us. That energy fills all the space we think of as empty. We are receiving rather than taking. And giving, for whatever is breathing us inhales what we exhale. There is a flow back and forth. Connection rather than separation.

Just a thought.

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