Sunday, August 15, 2010

Speaking the Blessing

Just a little while ago, I was putting clean sheets on my bed. (Now that makes my bed a happy place!) I turned on the TV while I was making the bed. I happened to surf across a preacher, Joel Osteen, just as he said something about “speaking the blessing.” And although I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I listened to a televangelist, the words caught my attention and I paused on the station to hear what he had to say.

He was talking about the power of our words to bless and bestow favor, especially when we speak to those over whom we have authority or influence. For example, our children, our spouses, our students, our employees.

It reminded me of something I wrote to my children several years ago in a Mother’s Day letter.

God has blessed me beyond heaven by entrusting the five of you to my care. All of us have come to this family from other families. This is a family God made. We are together because He brought us together to love one another. As He has blessed me, I bless all of you. Thank you for the honor of being your mother. (My Plan B Family)

I would like to say that this is how I speak to my children all the time. But it isn’t. I too often speak to criticize, to demand, to nag. Especially to nag (Roger That, Sparky).

I also thought about my students. I teach graduate students at the beginning of their graduate education. They are often insecure as they start this new chapter of their lives. I have heard through others that my students appreciate the way I encourage them and make them believe they can be successful.

I’m glad I do that. But I wonder if my kids would say the same thing. I often praise them when I speak to others, and I frequently thank God for them, but do I speak the blessings directly to them? I hope so. And I hope the words I heard today will make me more mindful of opportunities to voice my love and pride and confidence in them.

Truth comes to us from some unexpected places sometimes!

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  1. Galen -
    I so appreciate this post. I feel like you do. Always wanting to encourage, love and support my family. But often falling short of that. Whether you hear the reminder from a televangelist or a friend's blog, we all need it! Thanks, Elizabeth


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