Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog Plans for 2011

I have been blogging for ten months about finding our happy place and staying there. The ideas have been organized around 10 steps. Every post relates to one or more steps. I have not approached this in any systematic way. Rather, I have written about what caught my attention, or what was on my mind at that particular time.

In 2011, I would like to focus on the steps in a more structured way. Beginning in January, I will highlight one step every month. For example, in January the posts will focus on step 1, giving yourself permission to be happy.

Because the blog is primarily concerned with habits, and because it takes approximately three weeks to establish a habit, I believe that by highlighting one step a month, we can establish good habits relating to that step before moving on to the next. By the end of ten months, we will have terrific habits that will firmly ground us in our happy place.

Of course, there might be things that pop up off topic, and I will write about those things just like I do now. But the step of the month will be the predominant theme throughout the month.

My goal is still, as it always has been, to offer practical techniques that we can easily incorporate into our everyday lives. No resolutions, no extra things on our already too long to do lists, no separate place or time to practice. These are habits to weave into our ordinary lives, to reset our default manner of interacting with our world and the people in it.

My hope is that you will be my partners in this adventure, sharing your ideas and stories through comments or emails as we go along. Anonymous comments are always an option if you prefer. On the other hand, if you are an occasional visitor or a silent lurker (as I am on several blogs), then you are most welcome to continue in whatever way makes you most comfortable.

I will write more about these plans (and about my usual random topics) through the rest of December, and we will start the new year with this new approach.

What do you think?


  1. I think that's a good idea. For most of us one thing at a time is all we can really focus on. Like your blog!

  2. Great idea!
    And I really like the approach you are taking of applying things practically, instead of setting aside a special time and place for it. Who has time (and space ;) for that!

    I have been using your tip "Get to instead of have to" very very effectively for the last week or so. Very powerful that one is!

  3. Hi Galen, Thanks for stopping by and letting me know who you are. I too believe the outside world is just a reflection of internal thoughts. And I have practiced many of your ten steps and found them to be true.

  4. Hi, just a quickie to thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. Very much appreciated. Needless to say I am now following you, and look forward to getting to know you :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger – my blog

  5. I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I have subscribed as I think we all need to find our Happy Place. I like the idea of focusing on one thing a month. It should be a fun journey.

  6. Hi Galen,

    I think focusing on 1 step each month is a great idea. It definitely creates more structure and gives the reader a sense of what to expect. Of course it is great to know that in between you will write things that are off topic. It helps to create variety which is the spice of life.

    I love your goal! All too often in this age of information overload, it is hard to incorporate extra things into our lives. So by offering practical techniques that can be easily woven into our daily lives, it makes it that much easier to keep up and stay interested.

    Just out of curiosity...After 10 months when you have finished the 10 steps, what will you write about next? Where will your blog go from there? I ask this because I would love to see you writing even after you have completed all the 10 steps.

    Thank you for sharing your plans with us! :)

    Irving aka the Vizier

  7. I'm excited, and ready to journey with you on this adventure....who knows what greatness lurks waiting for us all, right? But if we don't just dig in we'll never get anywhere! Count me in!

  8. I'm so grateful for all the encouraging comments--thank you all so much!

    Aneri, I use that get to instead of have to a lot myself, at least when I can remember to. So pleased you have found it helpful.

    Vizier, good question about what comes next after the 10 months. I'm curious about that myself! During the year, I'm going to be teaching the 10 Steps program in several venues as well as writing about it, so we'll see what develops. I have some other ideas about totally different things I would like to write about, too. I really do appreciate your encouragement to keep writing. Thank you.

    And Karen, you are counted!

  9. Hey Galen,
    You know that I am always interested and behind you 100%!! Let's go for it!

  10. Count me in Galen! I seriously cannot wait to see what you post! I could always do with good advice when it comes to finding my happy place! I really look forward to this!


  11. Galen,
    Love the idea of structured steps. Will look forward to reading. And love the autumn leaves in the background. God bless

  12. Thank you all for the comments. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated and it has gotten me even more excited about trying this new approach!

  13. Perfect and can't wait! You inspire me!!!!

  14. I love your idea. Being more focued and structured will also attract more readers.

  15. Thanks for your blog. I have recently joined and look forward to the monthly list/increment and inspiration. I already feel good and am getting to a place where I may be able to write poetry again.


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