Friday, September 3, 2010

The Doors of Change

Beginnings are such fragile times. –Lady Jessica in Dune

In Open the Door, author Joyce Rupp uses the image of a door as a symbol of spiritual growth. In one chapter she quotes a poem written by a 12 year old girl named Mary Katherine Lidle. The day after she wrote this poem, Mary was killed in a car accident. Here is the last part of the poem.

Listen to me
Go through those doors with hope
Go through those doors knowing change is the future and you’re part of it
You don’t know what change is; that’s why you’re scared
Change is the sun booming over the horizon
Scattering rays of hope to a new day
Change is a baby lamb meeting the world for the first time
Change is growing from a young child to a young woman
Change is beautiful; you will learn to love it

I wonder if Mary’s spirit knew her life was going to change dramatically the next day. Did she write this poem to leave some comfort for her grieving family? Where did these words come from to be written by a 12 year old girl on the last day of her life?

Doors. Doors closing. Doors opening. My youngest child turned 18 this year and graduated from high school. The end of 23 years of day to day parenting. Change is booming. New opportunities beckon. I am learning to love it.

So when you feel all the endings coming ... begin looking for all the beginnings. –Ann Voskamp from her blog Holy Experience

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