Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kindness Memories

The month is coming to a close, so this might be a good time to reflect on kindness. At our discussion group earlier this month, we shared memories of kindness, either kind things that someone had done for us, or kind things we had done for someone else. There was no time period specified for the memories, so it was interesting that many of us remembered things from childhood.

For example, I remembered Mr. and Mrs. Lubrani, our next door neighbors, an elderly couple who had no kids. Mr. Lubrani had a compost pile, something not common in those days. In the fall, he would rake leaves not only from his own yard, but from other yards as well. He composted the leaves and used the mulch to enhance his gorgeous garden. He would let me hang out with him. I helped him rake leaves and haul them to the compost bin. He taught me about the science of composting. I remember digging my hand into the middle of the pile and feeling the heat generated by the decaying leaves as he explained it to me.

Mrs. Lubrani would invite me in for tea and cookies. I remember sitting on the couch and talking with her. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I remember feeling good about my time with her. I felt calm and happy. I remember how interested she was in whatever I had to say.

All these decades later, their kindness still warms my heart.

What about you? What memories of kindness do you treasure? The memories can be recent or from long ago. Something you did, or something someone did for you. I hope you will enjoy remembering your stories. I know all of us will enjoy reading them.

I will be away for the weekend, so I will have limited computer access for the next few days. I will publish your comments as I am able, and will respond when I get back. Please know that all your comments are important, so please excuse any delay in posting them.


  1. Hello Galen,
    I have something for you over at my are the perfect recipient as you teach and follow the message of kindness so beautifully.
    Katy xxx

  2. My third grade teacher, Miss Smith, gave me a hug and assured me it would all work out. It did.

  3. One of my fondest memories is also of when I was a child.
    I remember being at a village celebration and I think my mother had just scolded me. So I was skulking in a corner, sitting on the grass, when one of my neighbours (a boy just a few years older than me) came and sat by me. He took a leaf and started playing with it, showing me what he was doing and pushing me to do the same. After a few minutes I had completely forgotten about my sadness and was entranced in the game. He left shortly after seeing that I was ok.
    I never forgot this litte kindness of his. It always makes me smile :)

  4. PS: I just forwarded you an award because I think your blog is really great! You can take it on my page if you want. However, don't feel forced if you don't like this kind of thing (I know some people don't). Hugs! :)

  5. This is such a lovely post my friend, really makes you take a moment and stop and think about all of those kind moments either given or received!

  6. Your post reminded me of my own elderly neighbours who took a kind interest in my sister & I and would bake gingerbread cookies for us. I remember picking flowers out of their own flower beds to give in exchange for the cookies! They always accepting the flowers with great grace and appreciation.

  7. Thank you all for sharing your stories. And thank you, Katy and Beliza, for the lovely awards! That was very kind indeed and a very nice surprise for me to come home to!


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