Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today ends our month of focusing on Step 5–Make haste to be kind. I’ll close the month by thanking two wonderful bloggers for kindly giving me awards. Katy at Superman Sammy and Beliza at a series of random thoughts have honored me by giving me the Good Bloggers Pay It Forward award.

Accepting the award only requires linking back to the givers, and passing the award on to five other bloggers. Katy added a nice touch which made me all the more pleased to accept the award and pass it on. She asked her recipients to “include a link to an organization, individual, group, or anyone who might benefit from others knowing about their needs.”

So I’ll start with that. Edwards Center is a wonderful organization providing services to adults with developmental disabilities. I hope you will check out their website and see what all they do. There is a short video on the site as well as other descriptions of the services they provide. Out of every dollar donated, ninety cents goes directly to services for clients. Whether you donate or not, I hope you will enjoy learning about this amazing organization.

And now I’m delighted to pass this award on to five blogs I know you will enjoy, if you aren’t already.

From Mountain Tops
My Life for a Year
Getting Unstuck
Crystal Jigsaw
My Grama’s Soul

I hope you have had a good month developing habits of kindness. Here is one of my favorite quotations, and the obvious inspiration for Step 5.

Life is short, and we have but little time to gladden the hearts of those who travel this way with us. Oh, be swift to love. Make haste to be kind. –Henri Frederic Amiel


  1. Many Congrats on your award! I loved this month's habits of kindness and can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  2. Congrats on your award...you deserve them all! Sorry I missed some of this series, since I went on vacation...but I'm back and ready to learn and experience more!

  3. Moonlight--Thanks! We'll be talking about Step 6--Judge not--this month. I look forward to your comments!

    Karen--Thanks! I hope you had a wonderful vacation. You can always go back and read some of what we did last month, but if you're like me, you don't even have time to stay current with the blogs you like to read. I haven't even been on vacation and I am way behind! Glad you're back!

  4. Yeah! for being recognized for your kind words and work.

    ...I am off to check out your referrals - they must be good :)

  5. Galen: I adore positive people. You deserve awards.

  6. Patricia--Hope you like them! Thanks!

    JJ--Back atcha!

  7. Galen - Congrats...and thank you! I have not been blogging for a few weeks because of many time commitments. I'm honored that you--my favorite blogger--would select me. Peace, Elizabeth


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