Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make Someone's Day!

During a meeting yesterday, the woman I was sitting next to turned to me and said, out of the blue, “You have the nicest smile. I bet everyone tells you that.”

Well, no, no one tells me that. My mom probably told me that when I was little; I don’t remember. But when this woman told me that, I ... well, I’m embarrassed to admit how pleased I was. I basked in that compliment all day. I smiled at myself in the rear view mirror at traffic lights. I smiled at my children. I smiled at strangers. I just smiled for no reason.

That simple compliment made my day. I woke up this morning still thinking about it. How easy it is to brighten someone’s day with a few kind words. Today, I am going to look for opportunities to pay her kindness forward. What fun!


  1. Love this reminder about the power of kind words! Thanks! :)

  2. You do have a wonderful smile and I took a picture of it!!! It's still one of my fav pictures I ever took!

  3. Reply to Girlie-- Ha! I love that picture, too! I have it in my office where I can see it every day and remember the friend who took it!

  4. I might not have a picture of it, but I echo Girlie's comment about your smile! You are, indeed, a wonderful human being and I am glad to share life's path with you!


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