Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walking Through Illusion

You might have noticed that I have a picture of a dragonfly in the About Me box. I like this image because the dragonfly symbolizes seeing through illusion to find our true vision. Dragonflies can see things from different angles by refracting light, showing that life is not always what it appears to be.

The title of Betsy Otter Thompson’s book, Walking Through Illusion, encourages us to examine what we see, to look from different angles, and to move through illusion into truth. So many barriers, perhaps all the barriers, to finding our happy place are illusions. Where do they come from? From stories we believe from our culture, from our families, from ourselves. Stories we accept as truth, because perhaps we fear the truth (Our Deepest Fear).

So maybe we can learn something from those little iridescent fairies flying around in the summer.

May we all walk through illusion to find our happy place and abide there in deepest joy.

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