Friday, September 2, 2011

1000 Gifts

Studies show that grateful people are happier and healthier. So let’s see if we can end this month even more grateful than we are now. One quick and easy way to develop an attitude of gratitude is to count your blessings. There are many ways to do this, and they’re all good. One idea I’ve read about on several blogs is to start a gratitude list and add to it until you have listed 1000 gifts. You can do this any way you like, but as you might guess, the more regular your practice, the greater the benefit.

I started my list awhile back. Here are the things I just added to my list.

421. Gorgeous late summer weather
422. Flowers still blooming in the garden
423. A good mystery novel to read this weekend
424. Spending the weekend at my cabin...
425. With my old dog who is slowing down fast but is still with me
426. Being able to take some time for me before grandbabies start arriving soon
427. Looking forward to meeting my grandchildren
428. Focusing on gratitude for a whole month on my blog
429. Friends who stop by for tea
430. Good blog friends

Do you have a list already? If not, would you like to start one? One caution. If you start a list, then have fun with it. Don’t make it one more thing you have to do on your already too long to do list. I am not very regular in adding to mine, but every time I visit it to add more, I’m reminded that no matter how many blessings are on my list, there are countless more to add!

As you can see from the list, I’ll be at my cabin this weekend, where I am without phone or internet service. Oh, yes...

431. No phone or internet service at the cabin

I hope you will still leave comments, knowing that I am grateful for each one and will publish them as soon as I get back. Oh, yes...

432. Comments on my blog

Have a wonderful weekend (a holiday weekend here in the US).


  1. I have never written a list like this, but it's a fabulous idea for so many reasons. One that hopefully will be discovered many, many years from now...but my children may some day find this nice to read......often we don't say so many things we should...and I know after my parents passed on I found such pleasures in the little things (simple, and meaningful) things they left behind! Thanks fos this idea!

  2. What a good idea, Galen, for a Grateful Month. I love the word Gratitude.
    I have found, during my 81 years in this incarnation, that if I am grateful for one thing, all others fall in place. That one thing is GOOD HEALTH.
    Have a restful and blessed weekend at your cabin.

  3. wow! that's a lot of wonderful things. Heading over to start my list now. Number 1 is going to be: Finding this idea on Galen's blog ;)

  4. Gratitude ~ The flower that the LORD shows partiality to, he will always stop and smell its fragrance and look upon its beauty.

  5. I love being grateful. Hubs and I do it in the car and on walks. I also have gratitude journals going back 8 years. It doesn't get any better than gratitude. It's the farthest I can get away from my ego.

  6. Hi Galen
    I experience feelings of gratitude by just reading your list LOL. I must have been cowbird in a prior life. Obviously it's always wonderful to connect with and experience gratitude but you raised an excellent point, don't burden yourself with another task that might generate feelings other than gratitude.

  7. Galen
    I have thought about starting a list like I have see others do...maybe this is the time for me to start.
    Have a great weekend and by the way, I'm grateful for you!

  8. writing another list of anything right now would be too much...I am just happy to include my gratitude in my meditation time. With heat returning I am still the mad woman of the watering can and kitchen processing....I did go for a haircut yesterday and then plunked myself down and read the novel: Sarah's Key all the way through...
    I am so grateful that I can read and comprehend and use information - and that my eyes see so clearly.

    Nice post and I hope you are basking in your cabin time.

    I still think I need to find some more time off - and some time off from everything - stillness

  9. Galen,

    I once wrote a post called "101 Rays of Gratitude." I never imagined creating a list of 1000 rays of gratitude! What a wonderful idea. I'm grateful for this idea. My original list is now in the archive. Adding to it would be a way to keep gratitude alive in my heart and mind.

    Fabulous. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

  10. I love the 1000 Gifts of gratitude. I started my list and like you I come back to it and am amazed at all my blessings. I will share a few sentences from a hymn called "Count Your Blessings" The chorus goes like this; Count your many blessings name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord has done. The verses are inspiring and I love the idea of counting blessings.
    I know that you will enjoy every moment of your break up to a cabin; I would love to do that sometime.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying those moments.

  11. I am going to start a list and thanks for the advice to make it easier on myself I will work on it just when I actually have a free moment. It might work well to keep it on the new phone my husband gave me. 1. Grateful for my Husband.

  12. In early recovery I heard Earnie Larson speak, he spoke of a gratitude journal and it sounded like a wonderful idea. Each and every night, no matter what transpired during the day I'd write at night in this journal. I developed an attitude of gratitude in a short period of time and in doing this I also learned how to turn a negative into a positive. Life hasn't been the same ever since!

    I love your idea, when I'm feeling overwhelmed I'll remember this and turn to a gratitude journal. Thank you.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  13. This is an excellent idea, to just keep going. Gratitude adds wealth to our soul.

    I think as more and more people are reminded that there are many things to be grateful for, there will be less time given to brood on the negative...

  14. Wow! I'm grateful for coming home from the cabin and finding so many wonderful comments about gratitude. I had to read them all twice just to take it all in. Thanks to each one of you for commenting and for being such a blessing to me and to other readers who get to share your gratitude. You rock.

  15. I don't have a list, but this is a nice way to truly reflect on grateful things in life. Your list seems to be coming along great. Hope you enjoyed the cabin and holiday weekend.

  16. Cynthia--Any form of reflecting on things to be grateful for will work just fine! Thanks for commenting.

  17. I like making lists, (like, really love it!) So this would be fun for me.

  18. Noelle--I like lists, too! This is one of the best lists! Thanks for commenting.


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