Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prayer for Dreams

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together. –Eugene Ionesco

Ten years ago, the French newspaper Le Monde declared “Nous sommes tous americains.” We are all Americans. In the decade since 9/11, we have seen the world community come together in the wake of disaster and crisis. The tsunami in Southeast Asia, the miners in Chile, the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. Ionesco was right about anguish.

And yet still, and perhaps even more so, in the absence of catastrophe, we remain divided by fear. A Newsweek article asks, “Did Osama win?” If the goal of 9/11 was to provoke an civilizational war, then watch the news and draw your own conclusion. Ionesco was right about ideologies.

My prayer for the coming decade is that Ionesco was right about dreams.


  1. It is a sad and horrific reminder of what the souless are capable of. Sometimes I think God and Nature are both working to move man back to the path that is right.

    Let's ask for mercy, that we experience a lot less anguish and have more dreams.

    A blessed week to you.

  2. Sadly, one mans dreams are often another mans anguish :-(

    God bless and have a great week :-)


  3. A great quote and those words ring true to me. Remembering 9/11, we will never forget.

  4. What is sad, is that most of humanity just wants to live their lives in peace. To be able to have the chance to find a better life and watch their children live a healthy life. It is a minority who brings their anger, hatred and need for power, kidnapping the minds of the young with ideas of martyrdom.

    I join you in the prayer for dreams to overcome the selfish needs of the few from ideologies, ideologies that they have altered to fit their own needs.

  5. Being Me--Personally, I don't believe that anyone is without a soul, but I do believe that there are people who mistakenly perceive themselves as separate from other people. And that belief in separation triggers fear that can lead to hatred and violence. Like you, I hope that people are moving towards finding our common ground, our unity. Thanks for your comment.

    Ron--So true. So sadly true. At least until we can all find a shared dream of compassion and mutual respect. Thanks for making this important observation.

    Cynthia--No, I don't think we will forget, at least in the US. It changed our country and it changed us as a people. Thanks for your comment.

    restoring--That's true. And that minority is found in many groups in every country. How nice today to see the news focused on honoring the memory of 9/11. How sad that it takes such a tragedy to bring us together. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Good afternoon Galen.....I, too, believe we are all connected....and each of us is just trying to do the best we can in this world of ours. Hatred and prejudice have been here since the beginning of has destroyed many many civilizations....let's hope it does not destroy ours.

    Once again, a thoughtful post.



  7. It is so true that we pull together, as Americans, in the face of adversity.

  8. Jo--I try to remember what you said about all us just doing the best we can. Thanks for your comment.

    Ellen Marie--It is the best of who we are. Now if we can learn to do that in times other than crisis.... Thanks for commenting.


  9. We will never forget 9/11.
    I just wish and pray that mankind would learn to pull together in times of good and not just in times of sorrow. What a better world it would be.


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