Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is Enlightenment?

I was pleased to be asked by Corinne at Everyday Gyaan to write a guest post on this topic. Although I possess no special qualifications to answer such a question, I humbly offer a few thoughts.

I spent some time looking up dictionary definitions. My favorite one was simply “freedom from ignorance.” When Buddha was asked if he was a god or an angel, he answered no. The questioner persisted, “Then what are you?” Buddha replied, “I am awake.” When we are awake in this sense, we are free from ignorance.

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  1. I love "freedom from ignorance” too as a definition. I think that really says it all;) Can't wait to check out your guest post.

  2. freedom from ignorance, inhibitions, higher tolerance for everything... that's how I always see it to be if one is enlightened..

    Be happy...

  3. A very nice guest post and congratulations on being asked to write, that's truly an honor. The reply from Buddah is right on when he said "I am awake." Very good piece.

  4. Sibyl--It was the best definition I could find for something that can't really be defined! Thanks for commenting. Hope you like the post.

    Helen--Well said! Thanks for your comment.

    Cynthia--It was very nice to be asked. I admire Corinne's blog very much. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Enlightenment is what you will get from your brand new grandchild. Kids can teach us so much. Knowing you, I imagine there will be a post soon about the exciting event. At least, I hope so.

  6. I could not post my comment on Corinne's site, and I wanted to say that it is a lovely poignant definition - Thank you

    I just finished a Sufi Healing book called Walking with God by Keeley - very good they would call this awakening - remembrance, as in when you remember you Divine connection and have left all the stories and issues to a freedom of spirit

    I am now reading a Buddhist Healing book called How to be Sick....not far enough along to give you the definition yet, and not ready to believe I might be ill for the rest of my life either...but good to work on this material and insight now

  7. How encouraging! Wonderful post, thanks!

  8. Hi Galen,
    I think "moments of enlightenment" sums me up. Not sure if I will be ever truly enlightened, I just work on being Happy & hopefully making others feel the same. Thank you for your beautiful words.
    Be good to yourself

  9. Warriors of presence...I love this! There is a quote I love from Ann Voskamp she says we need to "slow down and wake up". My desire is to slow down, wake up and become a warrior of presence.

  10. Galen! Congratulations on becoming a grandmother :) Hope all is well.

  11. Just reading your beautiful words makes me feel awake. Thank you for that.

  12. Bob--No kidding! I am full of enlightenment right now!! Thanks for your comment.

    Patricia--That sounds like an interesting book. I will check it out. Thanks for commenting.

    Sonia--Thank you!

    David--Those moments can add up, and then we begin to look for them...and find them. Thanks for your comment.

    Alida--I like that idea, too, slowing down and waking up. Glad you liked the phrase. It sort of surprised me when it came to me! Thanks for commenting.

    Alexia--Thank you. All is well indeed. Thanks for your comment.

    Kara--You are so sweet. Thanks for the kind words.


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