Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank Someone Today

I just called my accountant and said thanks.

If you pay estimated tax in the US, today is tax day. My accountant sends me the all-filled-out form I need to submit, detailed instructions on what to write on the check, and an already addressed envelope. All I need to do is write the check, put it in the envelope with the form, and put a stamp on it.

As I was going through this process this morning, I realized how easy it was because of all the hours he put into knowing the rules, computing my taxes, and sending me such clear instructions. So I called him and said thanks. He said he didn’t get many calls like that and he appreciated it.

Is there someone who makes your life easier on a regular basis? Or maybe someone who did something nice for you a long time ago? Or someone who might do something nice for you today?

You could write a note to that teacher who supported you during times of teenage angst. You could thank your kid who does a chore today without being asked. You could speak to the supervisor of the person who helps you in the store or on the phone. Thank a firefighter or a police officer if you see one today. Or a military service person. Or even a lawyer. (As a retired lawyer/professor, I had to add that one!) Give your dog or cat an extra pat. Mention something you appreciate about a family member. Thank a farmer. Thank someone who helped you along the way in your career, or with your blog. Thank the person who refills your water glass or your coffee cup in the restaurant. Thank a neighbor who lent a helping hand. Thank your dentist and your doctor and your pharmacist. Thank your minister or whoever gives you spiritual guidance. Thank your readers. (THANK YOU!!)

I could list so many more, and I’m sure you can, too. We can’t thank everyone in one day, but what if we said thank you to at least one person every day?


  1. It's a great reminder, Galen. Just a simple thanks can brighten up someone's day. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

  2. It is so nice what you have done. I would think that most tax accountants don't receive much appreciation for the work that they do. I usually express gratitude for the accountant who services my family. I have also expressed much thanks to the agent who helped me with some travel bookings this morning. With your reminder, I am going to thank more people today!!

  3. Early this morning I followed my boyfriend around the house like a puppy as he prepared for a challenging day at the office. When he turned to leave I said, "I'll be thinking of you." He said, "What else is new?" and smiled so sweetly.

    He knows I appreciate him because I tell him and show him everyday. That makes both our lives sweeter. Yet, I had already forgotten the magic of that moment as I went on with my "daily grind".

    Thank you for reminding me of what's important with your post. I feel centered in love again ;-)

  4. Inspiring--You're right. It is a simple gesture that we often overlook. Thanks for your comment.

    Evelyn--There are so many people who help us throughout our days. People who make our lives easier, who lend a hand, who give us support. How great that you thanked your travel agent! Thanks for commenting.

    Linda--What a lovely testiment to the beauty of gratitude. Thank you for your comment.

  5. First, I shall thank you, for providing this reminder of the value of thankfulness when shared generously.

  6. Just like saying "I love you" to your spouse, thanking someone for some small favor cannot be overdone. Like your accountant, most folks would probably be plesantly surprised.

  7. I just thanked a blogger for her lovely writing for 2 years of good reading, and I thanked ZIP for his pain relief method I am using and my Monday post is a thanks for some art and pot scrubbing that was amazing...
    Saying Thank You is so important...It is a vital vitamin for me to live my best life :)
    Good words found here - many thanks

  8. How delightful it is the way you express it. Thank you for this morning's gratitude post. :)

  9. Mikey--The value does indeed increase when shared generously. Thanks for that lovely observation.

    Bob--So true. No such thing as too many thank you's. Thanks for your comment.l

    Patricia--Thanks for your wonderful examples of saying thanks.

    Sonia--Thanks for following and for the kind words!

  10. Hi Galen,

    It's interesting that the account says he doesn't get many thank you calls. It's a reflection of how busy we are in modern life and the impact it has on our relationships with others.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  11. Sandra--I think most people are not thinking kind thoughts about their accountants when they are writing checks for taxes! We don't think about how much someone like that helps us by making sure we are complying with the law and saving us lots of time by doing all the analysis for us (and in my case more accurately and expertly!) We do get too busy sometimes to think about all the people who contribute to our lives. Like how you contribute to my life with your lovely blog! So thank you!!

  12. Gratitude is a great reward in and of itself isn't it? Both to who it is extended to and to the grateful person!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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