Monday, September 5, 2011

Look Out...It's Contagious!

When I got home from the cabin yesterday, I was so overwhelmed and excited by all the comments waiting for me. I was excited because, well, people commented. That’s always nice. And I was overwhelmed by the pouring forth of gratitude expressed in the comments. I found that as I was reading them, my own heart filled up with gratitude.

That made me pause. I wasn’t really focused on my own gratitude when I started reading the comments, but reading them triggered gratitude in my own spirit. By the time I finished reading them, I was filled to overflowing with humble gratitude for my life and all its blessings.

We’re onto something here, I think. It seems that by sharing our gratitude we spark gratitude in others. That might seem obvious to you, but I had not made that connection until I experienced it when reading your comments. Expressing our gratitude not only increases our own happiness, but it will awaken gratitude in others and thereby increase their happiness as well. Wow.

One way to express our gratitude is to say thank you. When people comment I do try to respond and thank everyone individually in my response. But I can’t remember the last time I said thank you to all y’all for reading my blog. Not everyone comments or emails, but every reader is appreciated and welcome.

We are all busy and there are many wonderful ways we can spend our time. That you would take some of your valuable time to spend reading my blog is a gift to me. I am humbly pleased and honored and grateful.

And thank you for the value you bring to my life with your own blogs. I don’t always comment, but I gain so much from you. You inspire me, challenge me, entertain me, and teach me.

So...thank you.



  1. Amen Galen, gratitude is contagious and best of all... it's free! :-) How was the get away at the cabin?

  2. Good point on the pageants....I like that comment...have a great night...

  3. I know exactly what you mean about excitement over comments. :)

    Hope you a great getaway.

  4. Being grateful is so important! I love it when people comment. Those are the blogs I find myself going back to.

  5. You are welcome :-) I believe that you already know this: I enjoy reading your posts, so it has been a pleasure coming to your blog. I am not able to find the time to visit all the blogs but yours is one of those that have so much timeless wisdom; it really feels good coming here.

  6. darlin--Good point about the cost! The cabin was great, but smoke from local wildfires forced me to come home a day early. I wasn't in any danger, but the smoke was too much.

    Inspired--Thanks. Hope you have a great day.

    Being Me--Yes, I love seeing new comments! Thanks for yours.

    Sandy--Me, too. Thanks for commenting.

    Evelyn--Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I feel the same way about yours!

  7. I am grateful for each and every comment I receive on my blog. I always enjoy visiting your blog it is so inspiring to me. We all seem to be busy these days and inspiration keeps me going.

  8. Thank YOU I am grateful for your writing

  9. You are welcome......and I feel the same about you.



  10. I love following your posts. The posts on forgiveness came at a timely moment in my life. Being grateful is really a christ like trait.
    I too love reading blogs that uplift and enlighten me. Your posts are one of my favorite ones.
    Thanks you for your comments on my post. I am enjoying being in the blogging world with so many awesome bloggers like you.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the moments!

  11. It is a great feeling knowing that what you spend so much time typing and proof reading and re-reading that people will come back and see what you have to say and leave a comment. I'm grateful, too, for anyone reading my blog posts. As inane as they get sometimes, it's a good feeling that someone gets it.

    You're posts allow me to see different perspectives on things. That's a good thing!

  12. Bonnie--Yes, we are busy indeed. I appreciate blogs that give me a laugh, a good feeling, an inspiring thought, a beautiful photo. They are like cool iced tea on a hot day! Thanks for commenting.

    Patricia--Thanks for all your contributions through your comments.


    LeAnn--Thank you for the kind words. Like you, I enjoy blogs that are uplifting and entertaining. I appreciate your comment.

    ryoko--I love your blog! You are a great writer. You can take some everyday thing and turn it into something very funny. I like blogs with a different focus from mine, so your blog is a good thing, too!

  13. Nice post! So true!
    Attitude is also contagious, so make ours worth catching. ;D

  14. "So make ours worth catching." Great line!! Thanks for commenting.

  15. You inspire me a lot, and I really enjoy reading your blogposts.;)


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