Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...It Pours

Well, if I got knocked over with a feather last time I got an award, I guess I just fell over all by myself this time. I got another Stylish Blogger award from the most stylish of all blogs The Blogger Formerly Known As. Many thanks to you, enigmatic masked blogger.

To accept the award, one must list seven things about oneself, which I did in the last award post (When It Rains), so I will move on to the best part of getting the award, which is passing it on to five other blogs I hope you will enjoy.

Always Well Within
Positive Provocations
Motivated Sista
The Reflective Self


  1. Congrats! And good for you to study another language, I can't even imagine how tough that must be or are you gifted with learning languages?

  2. You deserve it. You have a great blog, and a great persona to go with it.

  3. Galen,

    That was truly true confessions when it comes to confessing a football addiciton! May I be so brave and juicy when it comes to my 7 things. I'm with you when it comes to comfort food and talking to creeks.

    Thank you so much for the honor of being one of your selected ones. You may my day by appreciating my blog! That makes me happy! I may need to seriously think about getting a background for my blog so I'm as stylish as eveyrone else though!

    Big hug.

  4. Very nice and a round of applause - someone knows how to acknowledge good writing and ideas

  5. darlin, I love languages, and I speak a little bit of several languages. A little seems to come easily to me, but I regret that I am not really fluent in any other language.

    JJ, Thanks as always. You always give me a lift!

    alwayswellwithin, Can't wait to read your 7!

    Patricia, I appreciate the kind words.


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