Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Opposable Thumbs

I have discovered that opposable thumbs are a great invention. I know that now because I injured my thumb in taekwondo last night (sprained or broken--not sure), and I have been fumbling around all day with a brace on my thumb to keep it immobilized. So the post that was planned for today....

Kiss your thumbs and tell them how much you appreciate them!


  1. I hope your thumb feels better. Good for you for doing taekwondo.Do you do it for the exercise or the discipline it gives?

  2. Hi Galen,

    Sorry to know you hurt your thumb in taekwondo. I hope it gets better soon. It reminds me of the time I fractured and dislocated my little toe on my left foot when I accidentally kicked the washing machine by accident. Not as glamourous as your taekwondo injury, but it made me realize how valuable my little toe was when I noticed my walking speed slow to a crawl. Even senior citizens could overtake me.

    Anyway, I shall kiss my thumbs and hope yours recovers soon! :)

    Irving the Vizier

  3. Oh ouch hope you feel better soon! I can see how taekwondo could result in such a thing...I was first introduced to it through a children's picture book...great stuff..take good care of your other thumb and fingers! ;)

  4. It's amazing what we tend to take for granted. My cat expresses her desire for opposable thumbs every time I open her food container! I hope you heal quickly and well!

  5. Y'all are so sweet. Thank you for the comments. My thumb is already much better thanks to a miracle linament from a wise Chinese herbalist.

    My injury is not as glamorous as it sounds. We were playing a game and I rammed my thumb joint into someone's elbow. The only other injury (other than bruises) I've suffered in taekwondo was a broken toe. That happened when I tripped over my own foot during warm up exercises!

    So you have nothing to fear from me. If you stand very still and do exactly what I tell you to do (no sudden moves!), I can defend myself against you. Otherwise, I'm relying on running and screaming.

    I have been practicing TKD for almost 3 years. I started doing it with my daughter, but then she went off to school, and I decided to continue. I love the exercise, but mostly it is a spiritual practice for me. I like the inner discipline mirroring the outer discipline.

    I just recently got my brown belt, so this is the year of training for my black belt, which I hope to earn by the time I turn 60 which is exactly a year from now.

    Thanks again. And remember to love your thumbs!

  6. Galen Pearl: I liked you before. Now I know you are the perfect woman. Tae Kwon Do - My discipline. I actually have a toe on my left foot that was never broken. I admire you.

  7. OOOH, I feel your pain!! I hope your thumb feels better soon! It's amazing how we take for granted things like our thumbs until they become unusable.

  8. JJ--Finally! I have waited all my life for someone to think I am the perfect woman! You made my day.

    ryoko861--No kidding. Trying to button my jeans was a major challenge, even with one good thumb.


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