Monday, January 24, 2011

Show Me the Miracles!

Did you ever see the movie Jerry McGuire? Tom Cruise plays a sports agent trying to stay in business. His only client is a football player played by Cuba Gooding Jr. In a famous scene, Gooding repeatedly yells at Cruise, “Show me the money!”

In her book Glad No Matter What, SARK suggests going on miracle walks. Just go for a walk with no particular destination. As you start your walk, say to yourself, “Miracles, find me now!” And then practice recognizing them. This might take some vision adjustment. Look around. See the grass pushing through the concrete sidewalk? What about the person who returns your smile? Do you hear the birds chirping? Don’t forget that you are walking, that you can see, that you can hear.

This idea isn’t limited to walks. You can look for miracles at any time in any place. Like the character in the movie, look around and say to the universe, “Show me the miracles!” Maybe someone will call you out of the blue and reconnect. Maybe you will find a lucky penny. Maybe even in the midst of something that seems challenging or sad, you can find a miracle.

I am in the midst of some challenges right now and I admit to feeling overwhelmed. But I can choose how to view what is happening. I could see this situation as a terrible misfortune. But I keep thinking of the old farmer who said of the events in his life, “Who knows if it is good or bad?” It’s true – I don’t know. Instead of judging, I can ask to see the miracles. And as soon as I ask, I begin to see them. When I open my eyes, I see them glimmering, then shining forth. How could I have not seen them before?

There are two ways to live. You can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle. –Einstein


  1. Galen, I never used to see the miracles in life until I opened my eyes and became in tune; in tune with who I am, with others, with nature, with my spirituality. I see miracles all the time now and it's amazing!

    We can choose to live in a black and white world or we can choose to live in color, it's awesome that you're looking for the color even in tough times. You'll see it and remember when you're overwhelmed with your challenges, break them down, one thing at a time and all will come together just like it's supposed to.

    Take care and choose have a great Tuesday and you will! :-)

  2. I really love this concept. I'm always trying to find beauty in unexpected places, but asking to be shown the miracles or going on a miracle walk (maybe even sans camera!) sounds lovely! I think I need to put that on my list!! Thanks for yet another amazing post! :)

  3. Galen, I am going through some tough times too...which amaze a bad way ("just HOW can someone even THINK like that" type).
    I hope we both see the miracles soon!

  4. Hi Galen,
    This is a beautiful message. Thanks for mentioning SARK, she is truely incredible, a perfect example of being authentic. I believe that the miracles you need, you will find. It sounds like you are in a place where you can't avoid them. Good luck to you Galen!

  5. Something like this makes the walk so much more worthwhile. Soak up the surroundings! Even the smallest thing can be amazing! If nature can survive harsh environments, think about the fact that you can too. Sort of puts things in perspective.

  6. Hi Galen,

    I feel that there is a hidden lesson in every challenge we face. As long as we take charge and focus on the solutions, things always work out for the best, even if it is not the way we expected it to. That is the miracle of life. Having said that, it is a good exercise to go for miracle walks as Sark suggested. All too often, we rush through life without bothering to notice our surroundings and taking lots of things for granted. That isn't really the best way to live. By slowing down and noticing life around us, we will indeed see more miracles.

    I hope you will manage well with the challenges you are facing. If I can be of any help, do let me know. :)

    Thank you for sharing this article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

  7. Yes you are very right, it's just some days it's harder to feel that way. But then on those days if I give myself more of a push, or permission as you say it....things seems to work out by my concentrating on that one thing! Hope your situation works out for you!

  8. Thanks for all your very appreciated comments!

    darlin, I love the contrast of living in black and white or living in color. I'm going to remember that one!

    Therese, Thanks for the link on your blog!

    aneri_masi, I hope your situation gets better. I had to chuckle at your comment. How often have I had thoughts like that?! Or my current one, "WHAT was she THINKING?" Oh, my, time for belly breathing!!

    Dandy, I am a recent SARK discoverer. I had to get past the handwritten text, but I'm glad I made the effort. So many good ideas!

    ryoko861, Yes, it does put things in perspective. When I'm feeling whiny (like recently), it's a good reminder that we are surrounded by miracles all the time. Heck we ARE miracles!

    Irving, Thanks for your support--it means a lot to me. Taking charge and focusing on solutions are what I'm best at. Sometimes I need to step back and not push the river.

    Karen S, Yes, it is harder on some days, like today. That's why I wanted to remind myself to ask for miracles and then watch for them. Everything will work out. Thanks.

  9. I think my puppy is reminding me to keep open. Today our afternoon walk was fits and starts, stops and pulls. I just carried him over all the streets so we would not connect with a car and then just relaxed into enjoying the squeak of the sunshine through the clouds.

    I just seem to need to remind myself and not be so hard on myself. I know those challenges and when they are pressing in they just seem painful not prophetic! Thanks

  10. Another great post Galen!

    I think it's time we started going out for more Miracle Walks. I think it's the fact that we force ourselves to hit the pause button on life and uncloak our eyes to the beauty of the world around us.

    Good luck with everything you're going through Galen. We're facing some of our own challenges too but we're trying hard to view things positively everyday. :)

    Thanks for the great post!

    Tariq and Shaheera


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